L & M Irrigation Company

L & M Irrigation Company

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Doing Justice to the Reinke Irrigation System

When you need someone to install Reinke irrigation systems, L & M Irrigation Company in Lingle, Wyoming will do the job. You can rely on us to configure the installation properly, or we won’t do the job at all. We are dedicated to ensure that your system will work and will work well.

Providing First-Rate Service

Farming is not an easy task, especially without proper irrigation. We value all the stress and strain you put into your work, so we want to make sure that your irrigation system serves your needs. You deserve a system that runs smoothly like a river. Count on us to make your irrigation system the best that it can be.


Educated and Experienced

Sisters Jana Shimic and Susie Dziardziel are the owners of this business. Reinke users themselves, they come from a family irrigation business that expanded into a Reinke dealership in 1999. The two both graduated from the University of Wyoming with degrees in business.

Jana has received training in Reinke systems and has also served on Reinke’s dealer council in the past. Jana has also attended Reinke Service School. Together, Jana and Susie seek to serve customers in the best way by concentrating on meeting their needs and expectations.