L & M Irrigation Company

L & M Irrigation Company

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Get Parts Smart

We focus on the customer’s wishes at L & M Irrigation Company in Lingle, Wyoming. To give the service they need, we provide new system installations as well as provide a full line of parts for all products from Reinke.

  • Center Pivot Systems – known for its efficiency, light weight, and sturdiness.

  • Components and Water Application Products – a wide range of components and attachments for your existing system.

  • Control Panels – lets you choose between different levels of control from manual in-field settings to programming pivot operation.

  • Lateral Move Systems – a high-strength steel system that can easily provide irrigation to almost the entire field.

  • Reinke Variable Rate Irrigation (VRI) – utilizes GPS technology for the precise and effective application of water and chemicals depending on the plants’ needs.

  • Remote Management Systems – offers easy management and remote command of pivots through ReinCloud and Ontrrac. 

  • Specialty Systems – specialized systems design to meet any and all of your requirements.

  • Swing Arm Corners – its swing span design is optimized to provide uniform application of water and chemicals.

For more information about the products we offer, please proceed to the Reinke website.